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Sugar Dating Terms & Acronyms

Entering the world of sugar daddy dating brings you into a unique culture with its own language. Understanding the acronyms and terms becomes your secret decoder ring, helping you navigate these secret relationships. It’s like having your own dictionary for this vibrant and fascinating community, where words take on special meanings that make your sugar dating easier.

Sugar Dating Acronyms


SB (Sugar Baby): A charming companion receiving gifts or financial assistance from a sugar daddy, contributing to an enriching and luxurious lifestyle.


FWB (Friends with Benefits): A relationship where physical intimacy coexists with a casual, commitment-free connection, emphasizing pleasure without strings.


NSA (No Strings Attached): An agreement emphasizing a relationship devoid of emotional entanglements or expectations, focusing solely on the present without future commitments.


DDLG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl): An intimate dynamic within BDSM, featuring a nurturing dominant partner and a submissive partner engaging in role-playing scenarios.


BBW (Big Beautiful Woman): A term celebrating the beauty of plus size, curvy women within the sugar dating community, emphasizing diverse preferences.


BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism): An umbrella term encompassing various erotic practices and power dynamics within the sugar dating context.


IRL (In Real Life): The transition from online interactions to face-to-face sugar meetings, is a crucial step in moving beyond virtual connections.

Sugar Dating Terms

Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby: An attractive companion receiving financial assistance or gifts in exchange for companionship, creating a symbiotic connection.

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy: An affluent man providing financial support and gifts to a younger partner, fostering a relationship built on mutual benefit.

Sugar Mooma

Sugar Momma: A wealthy woman providing financial support to a younger partner, challenging traditional gender roles in sugar relationships.

Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby: An attractive companion receiving financial assistance or gifts in exchange for companionship, creating a symbiotic connection.

Sugar Boy

Sugar Boy: The male counterpart to a sugar baby, enjoying financial support and gifts from a sugar mommy or daddy.

Splenda Daddy

Splenda Daddy: A less affluent individual attempting to be a sugar daddy with limited resources, offering a diluted version of the traditional sugar relationship.


Whale: An exceptionally wealthy sugar daddy or sugar momma, standing out in terms of financial generosity within the sugar dating community.

Salt Daddy
Online Only

Online Only: A sugar relationship limited to virtual interactions without in-person meetings, allowing for connections to flourish in the digital realm.


John: Slang for a client in the context of the sugar dating world, highlighting transactional aspects within certain relationships.


Platonic: A non-romantic sugar relationship where companionship takes precedence, emphasizing emotional connection over physical intimacy.


Sugaring” in sugar daddy dating refers to the practice of cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. It involves negotiated arrangements where Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies enjoy companionship with agreed-upon terms, often including financial support.


Unicorn: A rare and ideal sugar baby who fulfills all desires and expectations, considered a gem within the sugar dating community.


Allowance: Regular financial support provided by the sugar daddy to the sugar baby, ensuring a consistent and agreed-upon flow of resources.

Sugar Bowl

The “sugar bowl” is the collective community of sugar relationships on dating sites. It encompasses diverse interactions between Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, creating a unique environment for unconventional connections and secret arrangements.

Hot Sugar Daddy Sites Acronyms


SDM (SugarDaddyMeet): The Best elite sugar dating site connecting Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, facilitating relationships based on mutual interests and desires. Gay sugar daddies or lesbian sugar mommas are not allowed here.


SD (SugarDaddy): The largest sugar daddy dating site connecting Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommas and Sugar Babies, facilitating relationships based on mutual interests and desires. This sugar dating site accept all kinds of sugar relationships.


SB(SecretBenefits): Best sugar dating platform for sugar daddies and sugar babies to crate secret arrangements. It highly protects users’ information.


SA (SeekingArrangement): This sugar dating website caters to mutually beneficial relationships, where Sugar Daddies (SD) and Sugar Babies (SB) connect, offering an array of arrangements. Now, it also accepts rich and elite dating.


WYP (WhatsYourPrice): It’s a unique sugar daddy site that turns dating into a bid, allowing generous sugar daddies to win the chance to meet attractive sugar babies.


EMB(EliteMeetBeauty): It is also a sugar daddy website, focuses on connecting millionaire or rich sugar daddies and attractive sugar babies together.


LD (LuxuryDate): A sugar dating site that caters to the elite, connecting successful individuals seeking luxurious relationships and a taste of the high life.

In the captivating world of sugar daddy dating, understanding the intricate language of acronyms and terms is key to a successful journey. Communication and clarity pave the way for fulfilling and mutually beneficial relationships in this unique and diverse community.

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